Wheat Free/Gluten Free Recipes
"The Farmer's Daughter Cooks Gluten Free"...
is my home style recipe collections for celiacs and wheat sensitive folks. My gluten free cookbook is based, whenever possible, on the use of wholesome, fresh, nutritious ingredients that are from our garden, local natural foods sources, or farmer's markets. Stir in my Midwestern farmer's daughter roots and you are gaining a sense of what is the essence of my cooking.

I hope you will enjoy my wheat and gluten free cookbook and also find lots of recipes at my "Gluten Free Foodie Heaven" blog!

  "The Farmer's Daughter
Cooks Gluten Free"


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"Thank you so much for creating your Cookbooks! I was starting to think that I was the only one in the world with celiac disease. Thanks so much for the recipes...they look great! I have been doing some research on celiac (disease) and your website has the BEST information I have been able to find.
At first I felt hopelessly lost, until I found your info."

-D. Hallock
Las Cruces, N.M.

Wheat Free/Gluten Free Recipes

Diane's Easy Rolls & Buns
my cookbook


~over 125 recipes and 160 pages~

From My Kitchen to Yours....

These recipes are
personally hand-crafted
and tested.


"I just received your cookbook. I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the quality and variety of the recipes. I will be recommending it! Thank you for all the hard work that you obviously put into this project."

~ Kathy Button, President, Celiac Disease Foundation, Ventura County (California) Chapter

gluten free recipes
"Gluten Free Foodie Heaven"


Check out "Gluten Free Foodie Heaven" Blog
for more recipes!

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Wheat free recipes and gluten free recipes and special wheat free and gluten free cookbooks are required for those with wheat sensitivities and gluten intolerance. Some gluten free recipes and cookbooks can contain wheat, and some wheat free foods DO contain gluten. Example: Oats are wheat free, but not gluten free. Wheat free recipes are more often available than gluten free recipes, but in recent years, wheat free and gluten free cookbooks containing both have become more common. Wheat free recipes and cooking and gluten free recipes and cookbooks for Celiacs and wheat-sensitive individuals can sometimes be challenging. Celiac Sprue is not an allergy and those with celiac disease are gluten intolerant. Having food allergies and wheat sensitivity or wheat or food allergies are much different than having celiac disease, however wheat free and gluten free cookbooks can be helpful for those with food allergies.

Success in cooking without wheat and gluten can be very satisfying, but it does take time to develop wheat free and gluten free cooking skills and recipes can often be adapted from regular non-wheat free or non-gluten free recipes. Special recipes are available for all types of food sensitivities, not just wheat and gluten intolerent individuals. Cooking without gluten and using wheat and gluten free recipes is much easier than in the past, due to many new gluten free and wheat free product manufacturers who make cooking gluten free effortless.

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